Company Values


We at our company concentrate on both quality and design coupled with high performance and durability. Our contemporary designs are outstanding in the market and our antique collections are no less than our contemporary collections.


We firmly believe that each customer ahs his/her own tastes and choices and we offer them customized designs according to their requirement. We work on satisfying the customer’s specifications and give them the best each time.


We have our in-house artisans who work day in and day out to arrive at perfect masterpieces that cherish for a lifetime. We value the customers to the core and see to that they get the right wood for their furniture type with the accurate construction and finish.


We have an exclusive counter for antique wooden furniture and our customers feel the essence of antique beauty in each and every timeless masterpiece. Made of hard wood and traditional designs, they are sure to remain as the best gem of the house.


Our value to our customers does not end with just offering them their desired furniture. Furniture is meant to be kept for a long period of time and having this in mind we provide effective after sale service and proper maintenance service as well. Wood is one element that requires great care and upkeep; we aid our customers in doing both these tasks perfectly, so as to maintain their timeless treasures for a lifetime indeed.


Over all the other aspects we firmly believe that quality speaks for itself and to be more particular, in this field of wooden furniture manufacturing, quality has the lions share in coming out with perfectly crafted pieces. We procure our source of wood from genuine and reliable traders so that this aspect is taken care of essentially. This makes us the most reliable and trustworthy company leading the market and the minds of our customers.


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